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Existing since around 1997, Missratener Sohn is the project of Dennis Schnaithmann (vocals, synths) and Dietlind Schnaihmann (synths, artwork). I'm not sure where they have been hiding out, because this is the first I've ever heard of them, but I'm glad I received "Sonar Killer" because this album kicks ass!
You will recognize hints of other acts like Synapscape, Noisex, Converter, Pain Station or Imminent Starvation as you listen to the album. Killer tracks like "Dementia Simplex" pound with hard electronic beats and harsh distorted vocals. Other songs like "Plug And Play" and "Pig Butcher" are more Rhythmic Noise oriented (as in classic Ant-Zen style). Tracks include pounding machine beats, twisted audio frequencies and a multitude of strange factory noises.
The music isn't overly complex, Missratener Sohn relies on a history of minimal rhythmic noise percussion loops and distorted electronics. "Sonar Killer" isn't anything new or innovative but it's damn good if you enjoy that style of music. While more and more bands move into more complex territory (i.e. Technoid) it's nice to see some acts remaining true to the Rhythmic Noise aesthetic. "Sonar Killer" will appeal to those into crunchy, minimal, dance oriented Rhythmic Noise music. Maximum Volume = Maximum Hate ...